The PSOV Archives are housed in a collection at the Vermont History Center in Barre, Vermont. The collection contains the complete records of the Poetry Society of Vermont, a statewide organization that promotes public awareness of poetry. The collection was given to the Vermont Historical Society in December 2005 by the creating organization (ms. acc. no. 2005.10). For more information, contact the Vermont History Center at and reference the following identifying information:

Poetry Society of Vermont
Records, 1947 –
Doc 548-549, 582-583, 817, MSA 405-406, 842, 864-867

History – NewsPosts

  • Visiting the Archives

    As the new PSOV Archivist, it was with great pleasure (and fun) to meet with Carol Milkuhn, former PSOV Vice President and long time PSOV Archivist and Maggie Eaton our new PSOV Vice President, this past Wednesday at the Vermont… Continue Reading Visiting the Archives

  • History of our Journal

    William Halvosa  A founder of the poetry journal we know as The Mountain Troubadour  If you visit Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont, you will discover an unusual monument—a monument composed of twin beds attached to an elaborately carved headboard. Sculpted… Continue Reading History of our Journal

  • Letter from Carol Milkuhn PSOV Archivist

    Dear PSOV Member: Let me begin by extending three invitations. The first is an invitation to visit our newly designed website. When the home page appears, click on “About” and then on “Archives”—and so enter the world of our Archival… Continue Reading Letter from Carol Milkuhn PSOV Archivist

  • Found in the Archives

    Voices of Winter so much sparrow songin the shape of bush —     falling snow creak of bare limbagainst bare limb —     another raven pelting sleet —the only sound     a “shush-sh-sh” ~ Elizabeth Hazen Winter Voices is a… Continue Reading Found in the Archives


    A RETROSPECTIVE BEGINNINGS A cursory review of poetry societies across the country reveals that 32 have their beginnings in—or at least now are attached to—the National Federation of State Poetry Societies organized in 1959. At least 30 are affiliated with… Continue Reading PSOV CELEBRATES 75 YEARS

  • Vermont Poet Laureate

    In 1961, Vermont established a state poet laureate position, which is currently held by Mary Ruefle, who was appointed to a four-year term in 2019. Ruefle is the author of over a dozen full-length poetry collections, the most recent of… Continue Reading Vermont Poet Laureate

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