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Summer Poetry Contests


The Poetry Society of Vermont is preparing for the Summer Poetry Contests which begin on July 1st and close on July 31st. Contest co-chairs, Kristine Korman and Juliana Anderson have selected outside judges for the seven Summer Contests and the two Troubadour Awards. They have been working with Elizabeth McCarthy, PSOV Web Manager to update the Summer Contests guidelines and submission process which now includes two options for submitting poems; Option #1 PSOV Google Form and Option #2 Sending via Email. The Summer Contest Co-Chairs will send instructions for how to submit your poems soon, they are not accepting poems until July 1st. In the meantime, you can follow the contest guidelines below and begin to prepare your poems for submission.

Summer Contests:

CAROL AND ARNOLD ABELSON AWARD. An event or place that fosters opposition, controversy, and/or social change. The event can be historical or reflect a current political situation. 40 line limit. First prize is $50, second prize, $25. Both first and second prize poems will be printed in The Mountain Troubadour.

MARY MARGARET AUDETTE MEMORIAL AWARD. Light or humorous verse, 32 line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Mountain Troubadour

J.RICHARD BARRY MEMORIAL AWARD. Vermont or country theme, 32 line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Mountain Troubadour

MARIAN GLEASON MEMORIAL AWARD. Any theme, 20 line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Mountain Troubadour.

GOLDSTEIN MEMORIAL AWARD. Any theme, 40-line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Mountain Troubadour.

LAURA J. SPOONER MEMORIAL AWARD Best love poem, 40 line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Troubadour.

CHRIS WHITE MEMORIAL AWARD Theme: science, science fiction or math, 25-line limit. Prize for the winning poem is $50. Both the Winner and the Honorable mention will be printed in The Troubadour.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Membership dues must be paid.
  • One poem per contest.
  • Font 12-pt. Times New Roman.
  • Line count (as specified for each contest above) including:
    • title, any epigraph, and all lines and empty line spaces between lines & stanzas.
  • No previously published poems.
  • Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, notify us immediately if accepted elsewhere.
  • Do not include your name anywhere in the submitted poem document.
  • Submit poems in separate MSWord doc or Google doc files and use poem title as file name.
  • We do not accept AI-generated work.
  • Submissions that do not follow the guidelines and instructions will not be considered.

Please share this update with poet friends and encourage them to consider joining the Poetry Society of Vermont so they too can enter the seven Summer Contests which are free to all PSOV members.

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PSOV Spring Workshop/Contest

First Call to: Sign up and Submit a poem!

Please note: you don’t have to attend the workshop to submit a poem for consideration in the contest, nor do you have to submit a poem to attend the workshop. Be sure to follow the steps 1 & 2 below.

1. Spring Workshop: May 11, 2024

This year’s Spring Workshop will be held at The Village Meeting House, Waitsfield, Vermont and led by guest poet, Geof Hewitt, Slam Poet Laureate of Vermont, poet, teacher, trainer, and writer. Prior to the workshop, members can submit one poem for critique or reading. The poem submitted will also be considered in the PSOV Spring Poem Contest, see 2. Spring Poem Contest below, in May members will vote for their top ten poems. The ranked choice results will be published in next year’s publication of The Mountain Troubadour.

Continue Reading PSOV Spring Workshop/Contest
Sarah Mook Poetry Contest poster

Sarah Mook Poetry Contest

(Grades K-12) 2024, our twentieth year!

Once again, we received more than 1,000 entries! Winning poems came from seven different states and also from China! We are grateful for your support and hope to see even more poems in 2024. Our mission is for young poets to know their voices matter and are valued. Thank you, poets, and a special thanks to all the teachers, parents, and mentors too!


PSOV asks you to please pass this announcement along to teachers, friends, parents and young poets who’s words are needed to enrich all of our lives.

PoemTown St. J 2024

PoemTown St. Johnsbury

Call for Submissions

Vermont poets are invited to submit one or two original poems to PoemTown St. Johnsbury 2024, using this year’s theme as a point of departure: “Eclipse.” As always, PoemTown St. Johnsbury welcomes submissions from writers of any age, both amateur and published poets. Writers who live in the Northeast Kingdom are strongly encouraged to participate.

Poems must be submitted to Catamount Arts by midnight on February 29, 2024...Poets are asked to read the submission guidelines carefully.

PoemTown Randolph

April is National Poetry Month and PoemTown Randolph is looking forward to its 11th year! The PoemTown team has opened this year’s solicitation of original poetry submissions. Selected poems will be published on broadsides to be posted on windows of Randolph businesses and along the river trail during the month of April 2024. Selected poems will be published in this year’s print anthology, PoemTown Randolph 2024. There will be a full slate of live poetry reading events in April and open mic events in February and March. You can find the detailed submission instructions, in addition to more info about this year’s live events, on the PoemTown web site at Submissions are due by February 15, 2024. We are also pleased to announce a grant opportunity for poets seeking to improve their skills. Interested parties may apply at

This PSOV Poetry newsPost was submitted by member Ina Anderson for PoemTown Randolph.

Call for Poems 2024

Second Call for Poems 2024

The Mountain Troubadour 2024!


PSOV members may submit one to three previously unpublished poems to the General Submissions (Selected Works) category, and one previously published poem to the Previously Published Submissions category.Please help us by following the submission guidelines as listed on the PSOV website page here: TMT Awards & Submissions. The guidelines are also found in this link to the printable PSOV TMT Submission Guidelines Google Document.

  • Submissions will be open until February 1st.
  • Submissions are only open to members of the Poetry Society of Vermont. If you have not yet renewed your 2024 dues, please do so by January 1, 2024. Learn more here.

Cover Photos

Member photos, including photos of your own art, will be considered for the journal cover. The photo must be high resolution, 1MB or more, JPG file. Please send your photos to editor as an attachment, include the words: Photo & [your name] in the subject line.

News & Notes and Tributes

Please note that News & Notes and Tributes will be published on the PSOV website rather than in The Mountain Troubadour. Submit any poetry news or tributes by completing the PoetryNewsform or email it to news.

Thank you,

Erika Nichols-Frazer, Editor

Robyn Joy, President

David Hartnett, Executive Secretary

Bianca Amira Zanella, Past President

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Vermont Writers’ Prize

free to Vermont writers, deadline January 1, 2024

sponsored by Green Mountain Power and Vermont Magazine


We look forward to reading your essay, short story, play or poem. It must be on one central topic – Vermont! Whether it is about its people, its places, its history or its values — the choice is yours!

There will be a winner for prose and a winner for poetry, and each will receive a cash prize of $1,250. The winning pieces will be published in Vermont Magazine.

~Green Mountain Power and Vermont Magazine

Submit your poem by midnight, January 1st here:

Note: This is not a Poetry Society of Vermont contest but we are pleased to share this Vermont supported writing opportunity.