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Don’t miss PSOV member Sarah Audsley’s poem “Amaryllis” in the latest issue of Plant-Human Quarterly, a beautifly designed literary magazine…

Our literary magazine explores the myriad ways writers make manifest their relationship to the botanical world, approach what we perceive as other, and enter a plant’s-eye-view of the world.


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Mud Season Review

Samn Stockwell

Congratulations to PSOV member Samn Stockwell for the recent publication of her poem “On Radiation” in Mud Season Review.

Stockwell’s poem portrays a haunting, potent, compact illustration of a woman who has suffered greatly and whose past trauma continues, to this day, to shape—indeed to limit—her worldview and expression. A tragic vignette into the life of the subject, not a single word in the creation of this poem goes unused, nor fails to serve impactful purpose. Also of incidental interest: Though Mud Season Review enjoys at this point national and even international scope, it’s nice when the poem under consideration which has sparked our intrigue comes from a Vermonter, bringing the great, wide circle back home.

Editor’s Statement, by Jonah Meyer, Poetry Editor
Orchards Poetry Journal Winter 2023

Publishing News

Congratulations to PSOV members Judith Janoo and Trisha Knoll for being featured in Winter 2023 Issue of The Orchards Poetry Journal.

The Orchards Poetry Journal is an anthology that is released bi-annually and published by Kelsay Books, an independent literary press. This journal is now available in paperback for $17.00 at Kelsay Books. Click here to view the purchase page for a copy. Kelsay Books also offers a free digital version (pdf) which can be found by clicking on the download button on this page .

Cover page Musical Figures

Musical Figures

poems by Samn Stockwell

From PSOV member and author of the critically-acclaimed books, Theater of Animals and Recital, is a poetry collection in which memory is recollected. With 5 distinct and lucid sections, this poetry book revives the authors’ childhood dreams and nightmares, masterfully penned. Poems in this collection have appeared in Ploughshares, Anomaly Literary Journal, Chaffin Journal, and others.

Musical Figures

ISBN -13: 979-8-9861105-6-1
84 pp., July 28th, 2023
Cover artwork by Knox Peters
Cover design by Josh Dale


“In Samn Stockwell’s collection, Musical Figures, moments of family history are relayed in crisp narratives fueled by lyricism. The combination of storytelling and musical phrasing result in poems both powerful and true. Above all, the voice is captivating: revealing everything in an understated manner, no matter the violence or catastrophe encountered, so that the reader leaves this hard-bitten, hardscrabble life with a sense of optimism and even well-being, as the speaker has remained calm, compassionate and credible, a survivor, and these are the hallmarks of her work.”

—John Skoyles, author of Driven and Yes and No

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Chapbook cover Hard Feelings _ McCarthy

Hard Feelings

Book Review by David (daithi) Hartnett

Hard Feelings by Elizabeth McCarthy (2024) poetry
ISBN: To be released on March 1, 2024
Price: ($15.99 until January 5th) $17.99, 34 pgs

In Elizabeth McCarthy’s new collection, Hard Feelings, the poet is immersed in the natural world that surrounds her. As in her previous collection, Winter Vole, the relationship is one of interdependence. Her capacity to observe, reflect, and validate flora and fauna about her is keen. Wittingly, she extends natural tendencies to her pets, to her family, and to herself.

McCarthy’s humor and irony draw the reader to these poems, as in “Afternoon Nap”, where she and her pets take a rest, but she warns us not to rouse “a room/full of hungry beasts.” In “Carrying Seeds” she is reminding us to “step lightly/and look closely at the seeds/with feathers, and all fallen/ beauty returned to the earth.”

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Book Cover "Beastie" Poems

Geza Tatrallyay

“Beastie” Poems

We are pleased to announce the publication of “Beastie” Poems (Cyberwit, 2023) by PSOV member, Geza Tatrallyay.

My sixth poetry collection, “Beastie” Poems has just been published. It focuses on the wonder of animate species around us and how we are driving them and ourselves to extinction. A good gift for all ages!

~ Geza Tatrallyay

In his newest collection Geza Tatrallyay writes with wonder and anger about many animal species. This is a new and collected volume, with some poems from his earlier five books of poetry. As in Extinction and Extinction Rebellion, the theme is the climate crisis and its toll on so many species. Tatrallyay’s amazement with animals of all kinds is tempered by the fear and guilt he feels about worsening human destruction. These are not easy poems to read, as they are full of foreboding about extinction and catastrophe. At the same time the author is a keen observer who writes with sensitivity towards the natural world.

The haikus are my favorites; he’s good at the form and its irony

An army of ants
cleans my countertop of crumbs.
Why would I crush them?

His sense of wonder extends to the ants as well as herons, mosquitos, squirrels, the long-gone mastodon, turtles and snakes. In almost all of these poems he warns the animals and seems to be asking their forgiveness for what humans are doing to their habitat. Despite his pessimism, he never forgets how beautiful our planet is.

Lighting my way home,
fireflies float among the trees—
stardust from heaven.

~Review by George Longenecker
Mountain Offerings Amy Allen Book cover

Amy Allen

PSOV member, Amy Allen of Shelburne, VT is thrilled to announce her debut poetry chapbook, Mountain Offerings, releasing from Rootstock Publishing on April 2, 2024. Through interactions with and the examination of the natural world, poems in Mountain Offerings move from a youthful voice to a more experienced one, showing a coming-of-age in partnership, parenthood, loss, and the development of independence and self-awareness. The simplicity, beauty, and peace of the outdoors provides an ideal vehicle through which this poet explores complex human emotions.

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