Call for Poems 2024

Second Call for Poems 2024

The Mountain Troubadour 2024!


PSOV members may submit one to three previously unpublished poems to the General Submissions (Selected Works) category, and one previously published poem to the Previously Published Submissions category.Please help us by following the submission guidelines as listed on the PSOV website page here: TMT Awards & Submissions. The guidelines are also found in this link to the printable PSOV TMT Submission Guidelines Google Document.

  • Submissions will be open until February 1st.
  • Submissions are only open to members of the Poetry Society of Vermont. If you have not yet renewed your 2024 dues, please do so by January 1, 2024. Learn more here.

Cover Photos

Member photos, including photos of your own art, will be considered for the journal cover. The photo must be high resolution, 1MB or more, JPG file. Please send your photos to editor as an attachment, include the words: Photo & [your name] in the subject line.

News & Notes and Tributes

Please note that News & Notes and Tributes will be published on the PSOV website rather than in The Mountain Troubadour. Submit any poetry news or tributes by completing the PoetryNewsform or email it to news.

Thank you,

Erika Nichols-Frazer, Editor

Robyn Joy, President

David Hartnett, Executive Secretary

Bianca Amira Zanella, Past President

Selected Poem – Old Milkweed

Old Milkweed

by Elizabeth McCarthy

New grasses, wild parsnip,
goldenrod stems, green
weeds that wake
in wispy breaths
of morning dew
wiping away
night’s blank stare
to see

old milkweed still standing
there — since last season,
rattling death
on the edge of field
and garden,
brown leathery husks
shriveled and hollow,
relics of seeds with feathers
that flew with the wind
the day they burst open
the pod door — escaping
to whorl and dance
in the autumn sun.