Visiting the Archives

As the new PSOV Archivist, it was with great pleasure (and fun) to meet with Carol Milkuhn, former PSOV Vice President and long time PSOV Archivist and Maggie Eaton our new PSOV Vice President, this past Wednesday at the Vermont History Center in Barre, Vermont. The PSOV Archives are housed in a collection at the Vermont History Center which contain the complete records (or as best we can say, Carol mentioned a fire in a board members car where boxes of records were lost) of the Poetry Society of Vermont from its origin in 1947 to today. The collection was first given to the Vermont Historical Society in December 2005. Carol has tirelessly kept this collection up to date where the history of our poetry society can be visited and seen through old photographs, newpaper articles, lists of members, index of poetry contest winners, notes from board members, minutes of meetings, announcements of galas, and much more.

While Carol has stepped down from her VP and Archivist duties, we are pleased to know that she will continue to keep PSOV history alive with featured articles about the Poetry Society of Vermont that will be posted to our website and poetry news post. Carol is also an active member of the PSOV Editorial Board.

here is an index of the Poetry Society of Vermont Archival Records at the Vermont History Center in Barre.

Elizabeth McCarthy

PSOV Web Manager/Archivist

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