The Biopsy

by Cindy Hill

Perhaps it’s better not to know what lies
inside. Budding cells that bloom unbidden,
furling in red corners, pulsing, hidden,
roots twined with vines too tightly to abscise.
Perhaps it’s better to find out the answer,
with photographs and field guides, and with knives
that slice fine petals into sample slides,
click of glass that conjures necromancer
dancing through the room in obfuscation,
wrapped in jargon smoke, infused with balm,
while swinging scythe to build a bed of halm,
seducing an end to conversation.
                  In knowledge or in darkness, this we know:
                  where there is life, the rose of death will grow.

The Biopsy by Cindy Hill was the winner of the Poetry Society of Vermont 2023 Chris White Memorial Award.