PSOV Summer Festival 2023

Summer Festival

Summer Generative Writing Festival August 12, 2023 at Rock Point Center in Burlington. Featuring Kerrin McCadden as the Guiding Poet.

Please register by August 6 — first 3 poets to register receive a free copy of Karren McCadden’s book (The first 3 members were: David “daithí” Hartnett, Joanne Mellin, and Jimmy “Tee” Tomczak.) We’ve tried to make the process simple. Just register using this Google Form (you don’t need a Gmail account), and then if you’d like/are able to make the suggested donation, you may either send a check or pay through Submittable. We envision our festival experience as a wonderful way to connect with each other and with our writing in a beautiful natural space along Lake Champlain, and we are pleased to host Kerrin McCadden for the Generative Workshop. Lunch will offer food options for all, including: vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, as listed on the registration form. The location, Rock Point, offers over two miles of walking and hiking trails, there are accessible trails for everyone no matter their ability. See the invitation below for details/schedule. 

Link to Register Here. (registration now closed)

Summer Writing Festival 2023


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