Summer Contest Submissions

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Open: July 1st to July 31, 2024

Summer Contest Submission Guidelines:

  • Membership dues must be paid to be eligible.
  • One poem per contest.
  • Font 12-pt. Times New Roman.
  • Line count (as specified for each contestincluding:
    • title, any epigraph, and all lines and empty line spaces between lines & stanzas.
  • No previously published poems.
  • Simultaneous Submissions are accepted, notify us immediately if accepted elsewhere.
  • Do not include your name anywhere in the submitted poem document.
  • Submit poems in separate MSWord doc or Google doc files
    • use the poem title as the document file name.
  • We do not accept AI-generated work.
  • Submissions that do not follow the guidelines and instructions will not be considered.

Submission Instructions:

Option #1PSOV Summer Contest Submission Form (will open on July 1st)

  • Preferred option: requires a Google account (gmail account.)
  • Log into your Google Account (gmail account)
    • Open the here: PSOV Summer Contests Submission Form 
    • Fill out the form questions, enter poem title(s) and upload your poem(s) as either a MSWord Document or Google Document for the contests you wish to enter, click on “submit” at the end of the form.
    • Each poem must be in its own document (MSWord or Google doc) with the poem title as file name.
  • Be sure you have followed the Submission Guidelines listed above before submitting.

Option #2Email (do not send until July 1st)

  • Email your poems to the Summer Contest Co-Chairs:
  • Send poems for the following contests
  • Send poems for the following contests
  • Use the subject line: “Summer Contests [your first initial, last name].” 
  • Send all poems in separate MSWord doc files attached to one email message. (max of 7 attached word docs)
  • In the body of the email include:
    • your full name, email address and list of poem titles and corresponding contest names.
  • Be sure you have followed the Submission Guidelines listed above before sending.

To download a file of the Summer Contests Guidelines, click here and go to file/download.