TMT Awards & Submissions

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The Mountain Troubadour

Each year members of the Editorial Board review and score all poems from the Selected Works submissions and the top rated poems are published in The Mountain Troubadour. (Please note that the Selected Works will also be referred to as General Submissions.) In addition, outside judges present two of the following awards from those published Selected Works;

  • The Corinne Eastman Davis Memorial Award is awarded for the best Selected Works poem by a member who has not previously won this honor; the prize is $20. Click here for a list of past winners
  • The Arthur Wallace Peach Memorial Award is awarded for the best Selected Works poem by a member; the prize is $20.

The Davis and Peach Awards are announced in the fall and published in the Mountain Troubadour the next year. A certificate of honorable mention is also given for each award.

Members can also submit one Previously Published poem. The Editor of The Mountain Troubadour selects the Previously Published poems for publication.

Guidelines for Submissions

Submissions will be open from December 15th until February 1st.

General Submissions (Selected Works)

    • Submit one to three previously unpublished (including on blogs/online) poems to the General Submissions (Selected Works) category in a single Word document with each poem on its own page.
    • Please use 12-pt. Times New Roman, single-spaced.
    • All line lengths will be considered.
    • Please specify if you use a pen name.
    • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please notify us ASAP if one or more of your submitted poems is accepted elsewhere. (You don’t need to withdraw the entire submission if not all of the submitted poems are accepted elsewhere; please just email: ed****@po********************.org specifying which poem(s) are still available for consideration).
    • While the PSOV editorial board will consider haikus, they are not the board’s preferred form.
    • We do not accept AI-generated work.

Previously Published Submissions

  • Submit one poem previously published in a literary journal or book (in print or online,) with appropriate credentials noted within the Cover Letter and poem word document (journal/book name, issue, and year printed,) to the Previously Published Submissions category.
  • Please use 12-pt. Times New Roman, single-spaced.
  • All line lengths will be considered.
  • Please specify if you use a pen name.

Please note that submissions are only open to members of the Poetry Society of Vermont. If you have not yet renewed your 2024 dues, please do so by January 1, 2024. Learn more here.

Submit Your Poems

Option #1: Submittable 

Please submit your poems through the PSOV Submittable Platform* by clicking on the links below:

*If you don’t have a Submittable account, sign up for free and submit your poems using the links above. (Getting Started with Submittable)

Option #2: Email

Send your poems in an attached word document to: ed****@po********************.org. Follow the guidelines for General Submissions (GS) and Previously Published Submissions (PPS). If you are submitting to both GS and PPS, please send them in separate emails with a subject line that includes your name and GS or PPS. (i.e. GraceJones_GS.)

click here for printable document: TMT Submission Guidelines

Cover Photos

Member photos, including photos of your own art, will be considered for the journal cover. The photo must be high resolution, 1MB or more, JPG file.  Please send your photos to ed****@po********************.org as an attachment, include the words: Photo & [your name] in the subject line.

News & Notes and Tributes

Please note that News & Notes and Tributes will be published on the PSOV website rather than in The Mountain Troubadour. Submit any poetry news or tributes by completing the PoetryNewsform or email it to ne**@po********************.org.