Spooky Queer Poetry Night Rabbit&Wolf

Rabbit&Wolf Spooky Queer Poetry Night

Poetry Society of Vermont is happy to share the following news & updates from PSOV Member Robyn Joy at Rabbit & Wolf

Rabbit&Wolf Spooky Queer Poetry Night (open mic) at Fox Market and Bar is on Friday the 13th!!! I encourage you to come as you see yourself, dig into your inner you, get as wild or as tame as you feel. And bring a poem or two to share while you’re at it. It’s been getting packed and I imagine that will continue. Sign-ups open at 6:30. We’ll start at 7 with a featured reader for the first 10 minutes.

Poetry at The Front this month is Thursday, October 19, featuring Mary Rose Dougherty and Sarah Birgé. Mary Rose is a veteran poet and we love her! You may have heard Sarah at a recent R&W open mic (or elsewhere). I am now going to shamelessly instill the FOMO on hearing the two of them together. (Note: this series has shifted to always being the second Thursday of the month from here on out).

Karen Morris is teaching a new weekly poetry workshop at the T.W. Wood Museum in Montpelier starting 10/23. You can find out all about here: https://www.twwoodgallery.org/adult-art-classes.html

If you are teaching a class, facilitating an event or workshop, or know about something really cool and poetry related, give me a shout. I’d love to tell everyone about it!

My partner and I took a trip to Manchester, NH this week to meet the wild poetry boys of New Jersey and witness a few events they facilitated. Within their tornado, some ideas were spun and I’m networking with them now to create some new experiences for us locally. Coming soon: poets and punk bands.  

All of this is turning me on energetically right now and feeding every bit of enthusiasm that lives in my cells.

I wonder if poets and poetry feed you in some profound way too. Tell me what kinds of settings and events will get you there. I want to hear from you both here and at the mic.

For more real time event updates, the website or my Instagram (@the_comma_struggle) will stay up to date.


— Robyn Joy —
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