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Poetry Society of Vermont’s Spring Workshop 2024

a reflection by Kristine Korman

The Poetry Society of Vermont met in the Waitsfield Community Room on Saturday, May 11th for the PSOV 2024 Spring Workshop from 10am to 3pm. With coffee wafting through the air, cookies of every type piled high,  we welcomed our facilitator, Geof Hewitt to our group of approximately 25 poets. Poems had been submitted prior to our workshop giving Geof and PSOV members the opportunity to read and comment on the writing.

The President of PSOV, Joy, opened the workshop by reading Beltane Chase by Julie Forbush and making introductions. Geof Hewitt, a talented poet, with abundant energy led us through writing exercises that fired up our creativity and humor. We began the work of listening to and commenting on the attending member’s poems which were projected onto a screen for easy viewing. After the poet read their poem, Geof made constructive comments and indicated ways in which different techniques could improve or change poetic writing. The group then responded to the poems, offering helpful insights and suggestions. The poems were all very good.  It was a mystical way to spend a day listening to an array of powerful words.

The workshop attracted several new writers to PSOV who experienced the nurturing, academic community of talented, creative minds. We all enjoyed the benefit of a recognized, seasoned poet, Geof Hewitt, offering his valuable skills including; 7 minute fast writing drill as a way to generate ideas, or “writing calisthenics”, recitation of poems, and modeling shared observations. The group’s focus was deep and the time passed quickly and enjoyably. Three of the non-members attending the workshop became PSOV members, evidence of interest in our growing poetry society. There were a lot of smiles and energized poets at the end of the day heading home after a satisfying day of poetry.

posting and photos by Kristine Korman, PSOV Contest Co-Chair

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