William Halvosa's twin bed granite headstone in Barre's Hope Cemetery

History of our Journal

William Halvosa

 A founder of the poetry journal we know as The Mountain Troubadour 

If you visit Hope Cemetery in Barre, Vermont, you will discover an unusual monument—a monument composed of twin beds attached to an elaborately carved headboard. Sculpted out of Vermont granite, this memorial was designed in 1953 by William Halvosa, an early PSOV member, to express his undying devotion to his wife.

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Sarah Mook Poetry Contest poster

Sarah Mook Poetry Contest

(Grades K-12) 2024, our twentieth year!

Once again, we received more than 1,000 entries! Winning poems came from seven different states and also from China! We are grateful for your support and hope to see even more poems in 2024. Our mission is for young poets to know their voices matter and are valued. Thank you, poets, and a special thanks to all the teachers, parents, and mentors too!


PSOV asks you to please pass this announcement along to teachers, friends, parents and young poets who’s words are needed to enrich all of our lives. https://www.sarahmookpoetrycontest.com/guidelines.html

Mud Season Review

Samn Stockwell

Congratulations to PSOV member Samn Stockwell for the recent publication of her poem “On Radiation” in Mud Season Review.

Stockwell’s poem portrays a haunting, potent, compact illustration of a woman who has suffered greatly and whose past trauma continues, to this day, to shape—indeed to limit—her worldview and expression. A tragic vignette into the life of the subject, not a single word in the creation of this poem goes unused, nor fails to serve impactful purpose. Also of incidental interest: Though Mud Season Review enjoys at this point national and even international scope, it’s nice when the poem under consideration which has sparked our intrigue comes from a Vermonter, bringing the great, wide circle back home.

Editor’s Statement, by Jonah Meyer, Poetry Editor
PoemTown St. J 2024

PoemTown St. Johnsbury

Call for Submissions

Vermont poets are invited to submit one or two original poems to PoemTown St. Johnsbury 2024, using this year’s theme as a point of departure: “Eclipse.” As always, PoemTown St. Johnsbury welcomes submissions from writers of any age, both amateur and published poets. Writers who live in the Northeast Kingdom are strongly encouraged to participate.

Poems must be submitted to Catamount Arts by midnight on February 29, 2024...Poets are asked to read the submission guidelines carefully.  

photo of Vermont History Center brick building and granite statue in front

Letter from Carol Milkuhn PSOV Archivist

Dear PSOV Member:

Let me begin by extending three invitations. The first is an invitation to visit our newly designed website. When the home page appears, click on “About” and then on “Archives”—and so enter the world of our Archival Collection. Here you will find a history of the PSOV, detailing the struggles of those pioneer poets who braved a storm to attend our first meeting, a photo of Robert Frost on the cover of the 1960 Troubadour, and even a video of Ann Day, Marian Gleason, and Nancy Brunelle reading poetry.

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