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Letter from Carol Milkuhn PSOV Archivist

Dear PSOV Member:

Let me begin by extending three invitations. The first is an invitation to visit our newly designed website. When the home page appears, click on “About” and then on “Archives”—and so enter the world of our Archival Collection. Here you will find a history of the PSOV, detailing the struggles of those pioneer poets who braved a storm to attend our first meeting, a photo of Robert Frost on the cover of the 1960 Troubadour, and even a video of Ann Day, Marian Gleason, and Nancy Brunelle reading poetry.

Such easy access to some of our records has been made possible by our new Website Manager/Archivist, Elizabeth McCarthy. Yes, we have a new Archivist; after serving since 2005, I stepped down from the job January 1, 2024. It is with great pleasure that I pass on this position to someone as caring and competent as Elizabeth.

The second invitation involves leaving your computer behind. If you find yourself in Barre, Vermont, I invite you to visit the Vermont History Center at 60 Washington Street. The building itself, the former Spaulding High School, is worth a visit; walls of exposed brick, high ceilings, detailed moldings and paneling, make this center of research warm and inviting. You might want to visit the museum housed on the first floor; the exhibit focuses on Vermont history—and is surprising in many ways.

But most of all I suggest you browse through the collection of PSOV records preserved on the second floor of the Vermont History Center. Here you will find two complete sets of Troubadours, going back to 1947; you can turn the pages of these journals, finding your poetry as well as the work of longtime friends and fellow PSOV members. Also you will find scrapbooks containing news clippings, letters, and photos of PSOV events, reminders of many events, including workshops held at Knoll Farm, lunches at The Lobster Pot, and our 2007 Gala.

Finally, the third invitation is a request—a request that you share your poetry-related experiences with the rest of us. If you have any poetry news–news about publications, readings and poetry events—please let Elizabeth know. You can do so by completing the form on the PSOV website under “News Post.”  Also, if you have photographs or brief stories related to any PSOV event, please send them in; you can do so by sending them to Elizabeth news.

Most importantly, know that your work is being valued and preserved. Through photos and news clippings, poetry published in The Troubadour, information about poetry readings and PoemCity, your contributions to our society and Vermont’s cultural heritage are being preserved in the state archives. This heritage will be there for you and for generations to come.


Carol Milkuhn


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