Vermont Flood 1927

Hello VT Strong Poets!

It’s been a week since Vermont experienced intense flooding from the storms that hit the state with much too much rain. Some areas of the state were affected more than others, and this is yet another rekindling of how our communities come together to support each other. Poetry Society of Vermont is all about supporting each other and uplifting our creative energies. Out of the deluge and damage, it is no different. We are here to help connect to mutual aid (like this group), and we want to be a resource should anyone need support. Here is a Mutual Aid document from 350 VT, and let this be a reminder that we will continue to face climate disasters like this if we don’t rally together. Eco-poets like Tricia Knoll and Geza Tatrallyay immediately come to mind, but we are all bearing witness. Let us do what we do best and write through the grief and support those impacted like Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, as they require additional resources to regain their footing.

Please feel free to reach out directly if you need any support, and I sincerely hope we can share in the joy of Vermont’s beauty during our Summer Festival come August (registration required, contact me with any questions or if you’d like to carpool/share resources).

photo from 1927 flood

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