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Geza Tatrallyay

“Beastie” Poems

We are pleased to announce the publication of “Beastie” Poems (Cyberwit, 2023) by PSOV member, Geza Tatrallyay.

My sixth poetry collection, “Beastie” Poems has just been published. It focuses on the wonder of animate species around us and how we are driving them and ourselves to extinction. A good gift for all ages!

~ Geza Tatrallyay

In his newest collection Geza Tatrallyay writes with wonder and anger about many animal species. This is a new and collected volume, with some poems from his earlier five books of poetry. As in Extinction and Extinction Rebellion, the theme is the climate crisis and its toll on so many species. Tatrallyay’s amazement with animals of all kinds is tempered by the fear and guilt he feels about worsening human destruction. These are not easy poems to read, as they are full of foreboding about extinction and catastrophe. At the same time the author is a keen observer who writes with sensitivity towards the natural world.

The haikus are my favorites; he’s good at the form and its irony

An army of ants
cleans my countertop of crumbs.
Why would I crush them?

His sense of wonder extends to the ants as well as herons, mosquitos, squirrels, the long-gone mastodon, turtles and snakes. In almost all of these poems he warns the animals and seems to be asking their forgiveness for what humans are doing to their habitat. Despite his pessimism, he never forgets how beautiful our planet is.

Lighting my way home,
fireflies float among the trees—
stardust from heaven.

~Review by George Longenecker
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