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Buffy Aakaash

Buffy Aakaash’s chapbook, “Untangling the Knots” was published by Kelsay Books in 2022 and nominated for the Vermont Book Award.

This 20-poem chapbook arose out of the previously published poem, “How to Untangle a Knot.” It was birthed in the lonely isolation of a pandemic in the winter of 2020.


In Buffy Aakaash’s Untangling the Knots, we learn such essential skills as “How to Start a Fire,” “How to Undress,” and even “How to Pet a Cat.” But we are given surprise after surprise, as we discover vivid metaphors for deeper life lessons. Even though the title promises untangling, the “necessary fettered entanglement” of love, desire and authentic living is what this collection celebrates. And it does so with heart, honesty, and imagination, the stuff of life and poetry...

~Maxima Kahn, author of Fierce Aria, teacher, and firekeeper
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Dan Close

book cover The Night The Moon Went Sailing

“The Night The Moon Went Sailing,” Dan Close’s recent book published by Onion River Press is now available at their affiliate Phoenix Books. It is also available locally at Bear Pond Books and other fine bookstores in Vermont and beyond.

“Dan Close lives where the night is alive, where ‘the streaking cold-limbed comets of the skies, unheard, are sizzled in the fry of winter’s wood.’”
~ Cindy Ellen Hill

“Each poem in The Night the Moon Went Sailing is a Close encounter of the best kind!”
~ Jerry Johnson, Poet of the Kingdom

Erika Nichols-Frazer

Nichols-Frazer’s new poetry collection, Staring Too Closely will be released in August 2023 by The Main Street Rag and is currently available for pre-order on their website.

Nichols-Frazer, by celebrating our full human experience, reminds us that even grief can be “a rudder slicing through the murk.”  ~AE Hines

Erika’s memoir, Feed Me, was published in December 2022 by Casper Press and is available on and other online book stores, such as; Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information about Erika Nichols-Frazer go to her website.

Carol Milkuhn

Modern Tapestries, Medieval Looms, is an exciting new collection of poems by Carol Milkuhn of Saratoga Springs, NY and Middlebury, Vermont, published by Orchard Street Press in 2022.

“Skillful as a weaver, Carol Milkuhn creates a colorful tapestry of poetry that seamlessly threads medieval into modern. These are poems rich in imagery, history, and art.”- George Longenecker, President of the Poetry Society of Vermont