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Poetry in the Natural World

Ada Limón
24th Poet Laureate of the United States

PSOV encourages you to accept Ada Limón’s challenge, singing out, offering something back to the earth, noticing our connection to the planet… Limón’s project offers two initiatives and a call-to-action, including, “Poetry in Parks,” not unlike the Vermont Humanities program “Words in the Woods” which featured several PSOV member poets in 2023. Vermonter’s are keenly attuned to the power of place and the importance of connection to nature through poetry.

“You Are Here” is my signature project as the 24th Poet Laureate of the United States. I believe the way we respond to this crucial moment on our planet could define humanity forever. In conceiving of the project, I wanted something that could both praise our sacred and natural wonders and also speak the complex truths of this urgent time. It’s my hope that “You Are Here” will do just that…

This project is for everyone, and I hope people of all ages—poets and nonpoets—will feel moved to write their own response to the “You Are Here” prompt. It’s simple: What would you write in response to the landscape around you? 

~ Ada Limón

Come, ye disconsolate, in whom any latent eligibility is left,
Come get the sure virtues of creek-shore, and wood, and field,
These immense meadows, these interminable rivers, you are immense and interminable as they.
Is nature rude, free, irregular? If nature be so,do you too be so,
Do you suppose nature has nothing under those beautiful, terrible, irrational forms?

~ Walt Whitman (1819–1892)
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