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Amy Allen

PSOV member, Amy Allen of Shelburne, VT is thrilled to announce her debut poetry chapbook, Mountain Offerings, releasing from Rootstock Publishing on April 2, 2024. Through interactions with and the examination of the natural world, poems in Mountain Offerings move from a youthful voice to a more experienced one, showing a coming-of-age in partnership, parenthood, loss, and the development of independence and self-awareness. The simplicity, beauty, and peace of the outdoors provides an ideal vehicle through which this poet explores complex human emotions.

From the very first lucid lines of Mountain Offerings by Amy Allen, the collection of poems seems committed—through brevity and clarity and lean strength—to tell the truth of a life. There are elements that are ephemeral, from drip castles to wild onions to snow, and there are riddles, like overturned lifeboats, and a lost mother’s found orchids. It feels like a promise from poet to the reader: she will not lie or put on a show. All of it is clear as water, burned to its essence, radiant with natural light.

~Jardine Libaire, author of White Fur and Here Kitty Kitty

These narrative, fictive poems capture life, love and loss, the passage of time, longing, and what it means to live now, with an optimism and grace as clear as a Vermont stream. Highly recommended.

~Thomas Christopher Greene, bestselling author of The Headmaster’s Wife

Be sure to support member authors by purchasing a copy of their book(s.)You can order copies of Amy Allen’s book which will be released on April 2, 2024 from Rootstock Publishing.  Also, look for member books in your local independent bookstore( if not available, suggest they support Vermont poets and stock them.)

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