Mud Season Review

Samn Stockwell

Congratulations to PSOV member Samn Stockwell for the recent publication of her poem “On Radiation” in Mud Season Review.

Stockwell’s poem portrays a haunting, potent, compact illustration of a woman who has suffered greatly and whose past trauma continues, to this day, to shape—indeed to limit—her worldview and expression. A tragic vignette into the life of the subject, not a single word in the creation of this poem goes unused, nor fails to serve impactful purpose. Also of incidental interest: Though Mud Season Review enjoys at this point national and even international scope, it’s nice when the poem under consideration which has sparked our intrigue comes from a Vermonter, bringing the great, wide circle back home.

Editor’s Statement, by Jonah Meyer, Poetry Editor
PoemTown St. J 2024

PoemTown St. Johnsbury

Call for Submissions

Vermont poets are invited to submit one or two original poems to PoemTown St. Johnsbury 2024, using this year’s theme as a point of departure: “Eclipse.” As always, PoemTown St. Johnsbury welcomes submissions from writers of any age, both amateur and published poets. Writers who live in the Northeast Kingdom are strongly encouraged to participate.

Poems must be submitted to Catamount Arts by midnight on February 29, 2024...Poets are asked to read the submission guidelines carefully.
photo of Vermont History Center brick building and granite statue in front

Letter from Carol Milkuhn PSOV Archivist

Dear PSOV Member:

Let me begin by extending three invitations. The first is an invitation to visit our newly designed website. When the home page appears, click on “About” and then on “Archives”—and so enter the world of our Archival Collection. Here you will find a history of the PSOV, detailing the struggles of those pioneer poets who braved a storm to attend our first meeting, a photo of Robert Frost on the cover of the 1960 Troubadour, and even a video of Ann Day, Marian Gleason, and Nancy Brunelle reading poetry.

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A light blue background within which says 'Scholars' Library series' in a bolder, darker blue. There is the Rhodes 'R' and inside of that there is a shelf of books of various colours.

Geza Tatrallyay Scholars’ Library

join PSOV member Geza Tatrallyay for a conversation & reading

Register for this Free Online Event at EventBrite

Thu, 28 Mar 2024 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT 

For our March event, in conversation with another Rhodes Scholar, Geza Tatrallyay (Ontario & St Catherine’s 1972) will focus mainly on his three memoirs, For the Children, The Expo Affair and The Fencers. All three books in this trilogy of narrative memoirs are true stories of escape attempts Geza was involved in during the Cold War. They are gripping tales of bravery and the will to survive and achieve a better life in a free country and are particularly relevant today with the brutal Russian aggression in Ukraine, and the similar plight of many Ukrainian refugee families.

~By The Rhodes Trust

image from The Rhodes Trust

Youth Poet Laureate

Vermont Youth Poet Laureate

If you are a Vermont teen poet, between 13 and 19 years of age, this is an exciting opportunity for you! Submit a portfolio of your original poetry and a CV that showcases your artistic excellence and community impact. There is a $500 cash prize and multiple chances to share your work and learn from other poets. Submissions are open Feb. 1 – 28 at

~Young Writers Project

The Vermont Youth Poet Laureate is a program of Sundog Poetry in partnership with Urban Word. This national program celebrates our nation’s top youth poets who are committed to artistic excellence, civic engagement, and social impact. Find out more to going to their website.

Poetry Society of Vermont members, please send this information along to any young poets and teachers who make poetry an important part of their day.

Winter Poetry Reading 2024

Winter Poetry Reading

A poetry reading of Phoenix Crockett’s annual works will be presented at Despacito VT, a vegan bar and restaurant, at 8pm on Saturday, Feb 10. He is looking for 1-3 local poets to do 10 minutes as openers. Please email Phoenix by January 20th if interested in reading!

Phoenix is a new member of the Poetry Society of Vermont, if you are in the Burlington area please join him in his Winter Poetry Reading at Despacito Bar & Kitchen, 294 N Winooski Ave #112c, Burlington, VT