Spring Poem contest Results announcement

2024 Spring Poems~Results

Congratulations to the PSOV poets whose poems were selected as the top ten 2024 Spring Poems. There were a total of 43 poems submitted, a record number for the Spring or Fall Poem Submissions. The variety of writing styles and poetic forms were quite exciting to explore as PSOV members deliberated on and accepted the difficult task of voting for their top ten favorite poems. The following ten Spring Poems will be published in the 2025 Mountain Troubadour. 

Results of the 2024 Spring Poem Members’ Choice Voting:

  1. Vermont, Vernal Equinox by Jennifer Brown
  2. The Kitchen Maid by Carol Milkuhn
  3. Horizons West by David Kent Young
  4. Demons by Cindy Hill
  5. I Wish by Whit Humphreys
  6. Night Drive by Alice Wolf Gilborn 
  7. The Avocado Tree by Ann Day
  8. To the pine tree looming over the Gihon River by Erika Nichols-Frazer
  9. I Prick My Tulips by Maggie Eaton
  10. Our Words by Corinne Davis

Thank you to the poets who submitted their 2024 Spring Poems, and to all the PSOV members who took on the formidable task of voting for their choices for the best of ten poems from such an exceptional list of submissions.


Joy, PSOV President

David Hartnett, Executive Secretary

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