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Tricia Knoll

The Unknown Daughter

The Poetry Society of Vermont is please to announce the upcoming publication of member Tricia Knoll’s poetry book, The Unknown Daughter available now at pre-order prices from Finishing Line Press.

The Unknown Daughter book cover

Imagine a monument to the Unknown Daughter as an actual architectural place and destination. Imagine the voices of caretakers, fundraisers, visitors, gardeners at the nearby rose garden, Uber drivers delivering people to the monument, neighbors, high school students who compete in essay contests to make the unknown Known, the daughter and her family. They have much to say about women who are unknown despite the amazing things they have accomplished or unknown for other reasons. The book is dedicated to those unknowns and to my brother.

Tricia Knoll Reading Poetry
Triscia Knoll, Author

Tricia Knoll’s The Unknown Daughter dedicates itself to the incredible work of Making Known: of naming and describing the complex experience of being a daughter, of asking who we might be as a culture and a country if we took it upon ourselves to honestly do so.  Knoll’s book is a beautiful, taut series of linked poems filled with myriad voices, each a pebble dropped into the silencing waters of family and history, each helping to recover not just one daughter, but all.

Annie Lighthart, Author of Pax

Be sure to support member authors by purchasing a copy of their book(s.)You can order copies of Tricia’s book during the pre-sale for $15.99 until January 5, her book will be shipped on March 1, 2024. Also, look for member books in your local independent bookstore( if not available, suggest they support Vermont poets and stock them.)