Corporeal Poetry Poster



Poetry Society of Vermont‘s CORPOREAL POETRY exhibit at the South Burlington Public Library, April 2024.

Looking for poetry embodied in other art and objects — Do you embroider poetry? Include poetry in your paintings? Carve poems in wood or stone? Make block prints of your poems? Paint poems on stones? Write on birchbark, or fabric, or tiles?

If you incorporate poetry and any other media or art form, we want to see it! We will be looking to gather the items from you, along with the information about you, the poet, to include in the exhibit, by the first week of March 2024. We have a large wall for hanging pieces, plus a large glass case with shelves, AND another glass display case in the CHILDREN’S Section, for poetry games, toys, etc.

We will be scheduling an opening reading/reception, and also welcoming proposals for workshops for adults or kids.

Interested? Message Organizer Cindy Hill Writer or email her here. Thank you!