Buffy Aakaash

Buffy Aakaash’s chapbook, “Untangling the Knots” was published by Kelsay Books in 2022 and nominated for the Vermont Book Award.

This 20-poem chapbook arose out of the previously published poem, “How to Untangle a Knot.” It was birthed in the lonely isolation of a pandemic in the winter of 2020.


In Buffy Aakaash’s Untangling the Knots, we learn such essential skills as “How to Start a Fire,” “How to Undress,” and even “How to Pet a Cat.” But we are given surprise after surprise, as we discover vivid metaphors for deeper life lessons. Even though the title promises untangling, the “necessary fettered entanglement” of love, desire and authentic living is what this collection celebrates. And it does so with heart, honesty, and imagination, the stuff of life and poetry...

~Maxima Kahn, author of Fierce Aria, teacher, and firekeeper
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