In Memory of Inga Potter

In May the PSOV lost one of its oldest and most beloved members, Inga Potter. Inga joined the PSOV shortly after she moved to Vermont in 1972. Over the years she served in many roles on the Executive Council, including President, Troubadour editor, and Executive Secretary. 

Inga frequently wrote about her Swedish heritage; in one of her poems, “Busy Hands,” she explores the joy of Swedish baking. As you will see, I referenced Inga’s poem when I wrote “No Regrets.”

No Regrets


After I moved, I meant to still visit,
again coax my car up that mountain road,
take in the view of that sun-drenched Valley
while anticipating the feast ahead:
shortbread, homemade jelly and clotted cream,
tea cosseted in a quilted cozy
then poured into hand-painted porcelain,
antique cups reminiscent of
things past.

But I didn’t find the time.
I let those afternoons slip away,
along with those views of Vermont pastures
and the poems I shared with my friend–
until a phone call, just a word or two,
connected me to darkness
and to death.

So it’s only now I pull out chapbooks
long hidden in musty corners of closets,
rediscover her verses extolling
the exotic scent of ground cardamom kneaded
into the dough of vetebrod–
not to mention the impossibility of Swedish Spritz,
those fragile cookies I balanced
so lightly in my hand.

Carol Milkuhn

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