Music and Poetry for the People!

Composer-pianist David Freuzeig brought his 33rd Play Every Town:  251 252 Community Concerts for a Cooler Climate to Middlesex on Friday, June 2nd. On the spur of the moment, George Longenecker (Exec Secretary and Past President of PSOV) was invited to join Freuzeig on stage for an improv reading of two poems from his book, Star Route which he happened to have copies of in his car. George read, “It Doesn’t Matter Much on Jupiter” and “Distorted Glass” as Freuzieg accompanied him on a 1908 piano to an audience on The Green at Camp Meade. 

George Longenecker reading June 2023

You wake me to see Jupiter, so bright,
aligned with four more planets. Saturn, Mars
Venus and Mercury. When the moon sets,
those other worlds glow. All night barred
owls call back and forth from palms and pines

first stanza from “It Doesn’t Matter Much on Jupiter”