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We have simplified how we collect member news by using the PSOV Member News Google Form. In the form, we ask you to write a brief press-ready blurb which we will publish on the website and share in the PSOV Poetry NewsPost which is sent out each Monday morning to members and subscribers. This form will remain available on the website in the main menu under; “NewsPost,” “Submit Your News.”

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Cup of Tea and Poems

Continuing the Conversation

This past May, Mary Rose Daugherty, editor of The Mountain Troubadour, hosted an online conversation on Book Publishing with five panelists and other PSOV members who have continued that conversation by sharing thoughts and resources via email, and keeping a list on a shared Google document. We thought it would be beneficial to share that information; below is the most recent list of book publishing resources and articles, and here is a link to the book publishing conversation document.

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Summer Readings@the Front

Scudder Parker and Robyn Joy

PSOV members Scudder Parker and Robyn Joy at Summer Readings@The Front on June 15th. Upcoming readings July 13th and August 10th.

Summer Readings at the Front

photo by Mary Rose Dougherty

Thunk of paddle rested on gunnels

small ripples soundless to our ears

we sit beside our ordinary lives


feel the silence of our absence

our memories already gathered

to a larger memory we drift two loons

dive for bass in branches of a toppled

yellow birch as if they’ve always been here.

from Osmore Pond by Scudder Parker
published in The Mountain Troubadour 2021

Buffy Aakaash

Buffy Aakaash’s chapbook, “Untangling the Knots” was published by Kelsay Books in 2022 and nominated for the Vermont Book Award.

This 20-poem chapbook arose out of the previously published poem, “How to Untangle a Knot.” It was birthed in the lonely isolation of a pandemic in the winter of 2020.


In Buffy Aakaash’s Untangling the Knots, we learn such essential skills as “How to Start a Fire,” “How to Undress,” and even “How to Pet a Cat.” But we are given surprise after surprise, as we discover vivid metaphors for deeper life lessons. Even though the title promises untangling, the “necessary fettered entanglement” of love, desire and authentic living is what this collection celebrates. And it does so with heart, honesty, and imagination, the stuff of life and poetry...

~Maxima Kahn, author of Fierce Aria, teacher, and firekeeper
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We Stand with Toussaint

The Poetry Society of Vermont is saddened by this frightening harassment. Toussaint St. Negritude is a valued and beloved part of the Vermont arts community. Public poetry events at libraries are integral to our communities. Unfortunately harassment of the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities has become far too common.