Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947

Winning Poem of the 2019 National Contest


When you leapt up stairs
between dorms and I watched
I lifted out of my body as celestial
Karen Carpenter tapped
a pair of Vic Firths and started drumming
the high school dance song to what

would soon become
side porch wine glass
chlorine pool cannonball
over bodies over our
sun moon sun moon sun

we're laid on squares
like x's and o's someone's shouting
Marco when you roll over
eyes closed
whispering the names of roads
we'll someday live along

Ashland Franklin Church
Sterling Englewood
suburbs city mountains
city      mountains
us, at all times, running

rain down a roof
in silhouette
the sky outside
the greenhouse

this farm is madness,
you say
walking by my chair my desk
it's two o'clock there's
dirt on your knees
you're grabbing a bite
and suddenly
I'm hungry.

-Christopher Gaumer, 1st Place