Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947
photo by Peter Morton

POETRY SOCIETY OF VERMONT  70 Years of Poetry Since 1947

Member Notes and News January, 2018

“To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” Robert Frost

Submit to Montpelier’s Poem City 2018 by February 1

Again this year the Kellogg Hubbard Library is organizing a month of poetry readings and workshops as well as poetry displays throughout the city. PSOV is a sponsor.

Everyone who submits will have one of their poems displayed on a beautiful broadside poster in a storefront or in the library. You must be a Vermont resident to submit.


Guidelines at http://www.poem-city.org/


Save the Dates:

Wed. Feb. 14 Submissions deadline for Mountain Troubadour http://www.poetrysocietyofvermont.org/

Sat. May 5 Spring Executive Council meeting and workshop Swift House Middlebury. Details will be on our web site and via email by February.

Sat. Aug. 4 Summer Festival and Executive Council meeting, Knoll Farm Fayston.


December, 2017  NEWSLETTER


70 Years of Poetry Since 1947

 “To be a poet is a condition, not a profession.” Robert Frost

Save the Dates: 

Sat. January 6 10:30 AM PSOV Executive Council meeting, followed by lunch. 

Marble Mansion Inn, 12 W. Park Place, Fair Haven VT 05743  RSVP: marlong@myfairpoint.net

Thurs Feb. 1  Submissions to Mountain Troubadour deadline 

Sat. May 5 Spring Executive Council meeting and poetry workshop, Swift House Middlebury.  Details will be on our web site and via email by February.

Sat. Aug. 4 Summer Festival and Executive Council meeting, Knoll Farm Fayston. 


The Literature of Vermont is a 1973 anthology from University Press of New England. Its chronology reads: “1956 The Mountain Troubadour is founded by The Poetry Society of Vermont.” The collection includes a poem by Arthur Wallace Peach, “…founder and first president of The Poetry Society of Vermont.” Another Vermont poet included is Frances Frost (no relation to Robert), one of Vermont’s forgotten gems. Her bio mentions her 1946 book Mid-Century.  It’s one of the most moving collections of WWII poetry I’ve read. Yet Frances Frost is not included in collections of American poetry, nor is she in American War Poetry


The newly rebuilt Waterbury state office complex has a mural featured in the DVD: Green and Gold: an Artistic Story of the Vermont State Hospital. The mural, by Sarah-Lee Terrat, was inspired by the poem “Green and Gold” by Jean Killary, 1921-1993, a resident of the hospital for many years. Killary’s poems were published in The Mountain Troubadour.  Images inspired by her poems overlay portraits of the hospital residents and facilities. Killary’s poem is also etched in granite outside the building.  


George Longenecker,



November, 2017 Newsletter


I’m pleased to be coming on board as your new president, effective January 1, 2018.

Here is the latest PSOV news including:

*Fall Workshop Poems

*Summer Contest Winners

*Election Results

I look forward to helping lead our organization, which has been bringing poetry to Vermont since 1947.


For poetry,

George Longenecker



Fall Workshop Poems

With Chard DeNiord, Poet Laureate of Vermont


1st Place tie      “Nets                                       Judith Janoo

1st Place tie      “hunger next door”                Judith Hishikawa

3rd Place           “From Inside Out”                 Ann Day

4th Place           “Second Light”                       Marta Rijn Finch

5th Place           “Giver of Good Gifts”            Donna Otto

6th Place           “Blue Dragonfly”                    Deb Chadwick




PSOV Summer Contest Winners



Judge:  Carol Westberg 

1st Place                                   “Chimera”                   George Longenecker

Honorable Mention                The Swing”               Laura Ellzey




Judge:  Sydney Lea 

1st Place                                    “In for Service”          Doug Hyde

2nd Place                                  “Mount Abraham”      George Longenecker

3rd Place                                   “Seesaw Tree”             Marta Finch

Honorable Mention               “Fences and People”  Julie B. Mendelsohn




Judge:  Deborah Brown  

1st Place                                   “Empty Promise”        Joanne Mellin

Honorable Mention               “Silence Comes”         George Longenecker




Judge:  Baron Wormser   

1st Place                                  “Generation”               Sam Hewett

2nd Place                                “Terza Rima Circus”   Marta Finch

3rd Place                                 “The Upstairs Room”  Ann Day

Honorable Mention                “Growing Up”             Joanne Mellin




Judge:  Mary Jane Dickerson 

1st Place                                  “The Color of Winter”  Janet Burnam

Honorable Mention                 “Love Like a Leaf”     Judith Janoo




Judge:  Gary Margolis    

1st Place                                   “World Book Encyclopedia” Sarah Snyder

Honorable Mention                “Superstition vs. Science”      Marta Finch




Poetry Society of Vermont

Officers Elected    October 14, 2017


President                                             George Longenecker

Vice President                                     Marta Rijn Finch

Recording Secretary                           Lisa Italiano

Executive Secretary                            Laura Ellzey

Treasurer                                               Dan Close

Archivist / Historian                           Carol Milkuhn

Librarian                                               Marshall Witten         




                       Other Council Members (appointed)

Membership Chair                               Sally Reisner

Troubadour Subscriptions Chair       Betty Gaechter

Co-Editors Troubadour                      Marta Finch, Jane Wollmar

Contests Chairs                                     Ann Day, Marshall Witten

Past President                                       Ann Day