Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947
photo by Linda Tyler

The Mountain Troubadour

Rules for Submission

Submission requires membership. Deadline for sending poems is February 1. Submissions must be titled poems of not more than 32 lines.  A maximum of three poems per poet will be considered. 


Members may submit previously published work and translations labeled as such. Previously published work should include the place and date of first publication. The translation should include the poem in its original language and English. The translating poet is responsible for all legal requirements such as copyright.


Submit Electronically:  Send each poem as an attachment in one email to: troubadoursubmissions@poetrysocietyofvermont.org  




Members receive a copy of The Mountain Troubadour as part of their membership. For a subscription or an additional copy, send $10 to Subscription Manager Betty Gaechter, 134 Hitzel Terrace, Rutland, VT 05701.