Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947
photo by Linda Tyler

Contests and Awards

All awards and contests are open only to PSOV members.



The PSOV offers two awards for poems published in The Mountain Troubadour each year. All of these poems are eligible for each year's awards. Winners are announced in the spring. A certificate of Honorable Mention is also given for each award.


1) CORRINE EASTMAN DAVIS MEMORIAL AWARD: best poem by a member who has not previously won this prize, $20


2) ARTHUR WALLACE PEACH MEMORIAL AWARD: best poem by a member, $20



Submissions must submitted by July 1, 2018.

Please do not submit previously published poems to the Summer Contests.

     Poems for the summer contests are judged from entries submitted by July 1 each year. There are six contests; each must be entered separately. Only one poem shall be submitted for each award. Each poem must have a title and a contest designation. Untyped copies and poems exceeding line limits will be disqualified. All guidelines must be followed.

     A certificate of Honorable Mention is also awarded in each of the six contests. Winning poems will appear in the following year’s issue of The Mountain Troubadour.

1.) MARY MARGARET AUDETTE MEMORIAL AWARD: light verse, any subject, not more than 32 lines, $20


2) J. RICHARD BARRY MEMORIAL AWARD: poem with Vermont or country theme, traditional or free verse, not more than 32 lines, 1st - $20, 2nd - $10, 3rd - $5


3) MARIAN GLEASON MEMORIAL AWARD: poem of not more than 20 lines, any style and subject, $50


4) GOLDSTEIN MEMORIAL AWARD: poem with any theme, traditional or free verse, unlimited length, 1st - $20, 2nd - $10, 3rd - $5


5) LAURA J. SPOONER MEMORIAL AWARD: best love poem, any style, unlimited length, $20


6) CHRIS WHITE MEMORIAL AWARD: poem of not more than 25 lines, any style/form/format.  Topic of poem must be related to Science, Science Fiction or Math, $50

Summer Contest Submissions: 

Send each poem without poet’s name as an attachment in a separate email with subject line indicating the name of contest and title of poem. Also send an email listing all entered contests and title of poem for each with poet’s name. The receipt of this list will be acknowledged. Please send all to: