Poetry Society of Vermont
founded in 1947
photo by Linda Tyler

PSOV Calendar for 2019



Jan  2  Wed:  Deadline for 2019 Dues


Jan  12  Fri:  Reminder for Troubadour Submissions


Feb  1  Fri:  Follow-up Reminder for Troubadour Submissions


Feb  14  Thurs:  Deadline for Troubadour  Submissions (Valentine’s Day!)


Mar 26  Tues:  First Call for Spring Luncheon/Workshop


Apr 13  Sat:  Deadline for Spring Workshop Poetry Submissions


Apr 17  Wed:  Second Call for Spring Luncheon/Workshop


Apr 22  Mon:  Reservations Due for Spring Luncheon


May 4  Sat:  Spring Luncheon/Workshop—Baron Wormser critic.

                                         Poems for Summer Contests Collected


Jul 1  Mon:  Deadline for Summer Contests Submissions

                                    Please do not submit previously published poems to the 

Summer Contests


Jul TBA  Mon:  Call for Summer Festival


Aug 3  Sat:  Summer Festival


Sep TBA  Mon:  First Call for Fall Luncheon/Workshop


Sep TBA  Mon:  Deadline Fall Workshop Poem Submissions


Oct TBA 2019 Mon:  Second Call for Fall Luncheon/Workshop


Oct TBA  Sat:  Reservations Due for Fall Luncheon


Oct 19  Sat:  Fall Luncheon/Workshop

                                       Poems for The Mountain Troubadour Collected

                                       Dues for 2020 Collected

                                       Officer Elections (every odd-numbered year)


Dec 2 2019 Mon:  Reminder – Pay PSOV Dues for 2020

  Mail $25 ($10 for students) to:

Sally Reisner 

PO Box 1215,

  Waitsfield, VT  05673